“You can’t appreciate the park bench…”

0 Comments 22 April 2011

I was having a conversation with my brother Dave about a man on a park bench. The man looked relaxed, in his element, enjoying nature, no stress. Dave said to me, “I want to be THAT guy.” (he pointed to the man on the park bench, who was indeed enjoying life) This started a discussion [...]

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Travel Tip: Always be Prepared

0 Comments 15 June 2010

“Always Be Prepared”-is a great motto I learned from working with the youth in the Boy Scouts of America organization. And I can attest it is so true, especially when traveling. Last week I was out of the country with my family staying at a hotel for vacation. I brought my work-out clothes, shoes, ipod, [...]

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Travel Tip: “What goes around comes around comes around”

2 Comments 12 June 2010

Like many of you, when seeing a family scattered on a plane I generally give up my seat. I like to believe in the motto of: “What goes around comes around comes around”. While traveling with my family this past week we were not together on one of our flights, I was very touched when [...]

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